Oversized cargo - it's such a load, overall weight and dimensions exceed the permissible parameters of which are in transit sizes and set rules of the road rules. In other words, oversized size - is the size of cargo that can not be placed in a standard vehicle.

Maximum allowable size, weight and axle loads for vehicles in the Russian Federation authorized to travel on the road without a special permit.

The official language used in the regulations and instructions - "bulky and / or heavy cargo," but in the professional field, including logistics and transport companies, for such goods, the definition of "bulky goods".
In a broad sense, the definition of oversized cargo includes a set of requirements to the mobile structure, bandwidth (pavement) and restriction of transport networks, as well as the security of cargo, as the possibility of transporting oversized cargo may be limited in size and carrying capacity of bridges and tunnels in size, the presence of w / d crossings, electrical transmission lines and communication and even weather conditions and seasons.