Cargo types

  • Unitized goods with manual and mechanical loading
  • Heavy and oversize goods with overhead loading
  • Bulk goods
  • Motor cars and other specialized goods
  • Goods requiring temperature control


  • Covered waggons
  • Containers
  • Open waggons
  • Flat waggons
  • Transporters
  • Special-purpose rolling stock
  • Special-purpose wagons with narrow specialization
  • Insulated waggons
  • Insulated waggons included in refrigerated sections

Additional services

  • Cargo servicing (weighing, marking, including hazardous goods, registration of transport documents)
  • Customs services
  • Cargo insurance
  • Multi-modal transportation (railway, road, and sea)
  • International container railway transportation (especially if specific nature of the goods makes transshipment during transportation impossible)